Nature Girl - Butterfly Temporary Tattoos

Made by The Aviary


All the fun of real tattoos with none of the pain or long-term commitment! Adorn yourself with these beautiful butterflies and delicate geometric shapes.

Taken from Victoria's original illustrations, each 'tattoo' comes pre-cut and ready to wear with full application instructions included.

Every pack contains one very large butterfly, two little butterflies and the five Platonic solids to wear together or separately. The delightful packaging made from recycled card and glassine makes them a perfect present too! The tattoo designs are printed on professional-grade material as used on film sets. They will last up to five days depending on where you place them. Areas such as elbows and wrists may wear more quickly as they twist and turn.


Large butterfly - 15cm x 13cm at widest points

Small butterflies - approximately 5cm x 3cm

Geometric shapes - approximately 2cm x 2cm each

Water-proof, non-toxic and skin-safe. Do not apply to broken skin. Not suitable for children under the age of 5. Remove with hot, soapy water.

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