Butterflies And Geometry Temporary Tattoo Set

Made by The Aviary


Make a bold statement with these stunning butterfly and geometric shape tattoos. The intricately-detailed illlustrations rival the real deal, but without the lifelong commitment!

This pack features one very large butterfly (see dimensions below), two small butterflies, and the five Platonic solids. They're all individually cut so you can wear them all together or separately as desired. Perfect for summer festivals, special photoshoots, or just a great night out!

The illustrations are printed onto professional grade film, and can last up to five days (although areas like elbows and wrists may fade more quickly). Each pack includes instructions for application.

Large butterfly - 15 cm x 13 cm at widest points
Small butterflies - approximately 5 cm x 3 cm
Geometric shapes - approximately 2 cm x 2 cm each

Cool shower-proof, non-toxic and skin-safe. Do not apply to broken skin. Not suitable for children under the age of 5. Remove with baby oil.

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