Selling at HZ

Hannah Zakari stocks items on both a wholesale and 'sale or return' basis and gives you the opportunity to sell your work alongside a well curated selection of some of the best indie designers and artists from around the world.

If you are an independent designer making or designing your own line of jewellery, accessories, art, bags, etc, and are interested in selling your items at Hannah Zakari it's very easy to apply.

All you need to do is send an email containing the following information to

  • your name and location
  • your website address (if you have one)
  • a selection of detailed photographs of your pieces and descriptions of each piece (what they are made from, techniques used etc.)
  • the retail price of each item in £/GBP

Hannah Zakari currently takes 45% of the retail price of each item sold meaning that the designer receives 55%. There are no other costs involved in selling with us.

I rarely make a decision to stock a designer immediately, instead I prefer to go through applications received over a period of a month or so and make a shortlist. From that shortlist I will then contact the designers I feel are the best fit for Hannah Zakari. With this in mind, please be patient if you do not hear back quickly, I aim to go through applicants at least once a month but during busy times (typically August, November and December) it may take longer.

I receive more applications to sell on Hannah Zakari than I can possibly stock so please don't be offended if you're not accepted, I do try to reply to everyone and offer feedback if requested.